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About Us

Stier Supply Company is a family owned and operated business with 2nd and 3rd generation family members playing key roles throughout the organization. Founded in 1946 by Albert H. “Buddy” Stier and Roger Holman under the name Stier-Holman Supply Company, the original store was located in an old barn on Assembly Street near the State Fairgrounds in Columbia SC. The company quickly prospered from the post-war building boom, enabling Buddy to buy out his partner to become Stier Supply Company.

The company continued to flourish during the post war boom, and in 1949, the company moved  out of the barn and relocated to the downtown area on Laurel Street.  As a result of the move, Stier was able to broaden the companStier SupplyBlanding Street Grand Opening 1953y’s product line that had consisted of mainly sheet rock and lumber, to include a variety of doors, mouldings and hardware.  With the expanded product lines, the company began to develop commercial contractor business in the Columbia area.  The companyquickly outgrew the Laurel Street site, and relocated to Blanding St in 1953.

Buddy’s father retired as Controller in 1964 and the company hired D.H. Robinson, an experienced manager from outside the industry to replace him.  In the mid 60’s, Stier Supply continued to expand its product line and shop operations by taking on the assembly of wood DH windows.  Upon Buddy’s demise in 1967, Mr. Robinson assumed the day to day responsibilities of running the business.    Economic pressures at the end of the decade forced the company to contract and narrow its focus to finish products.

In 1971, Robinson retired and John Scranton, also a long time employee, was promoted to vice president and placed in charge.  The company bought out a small competitor on the northwest side of Columbia, as a convenience to our customers on that side of town.   Then in 1973, a door shop operation was started at the downtown location.   Scranton ran the company until the 2nd generation of Stiers was able to take over - Jonathan, Timothy, and Albert, Jr (Hank).  While all three had been with the company for several years,  each of them assumed managerial roles with the eldest son, Jonathan assuming the role of President.

In order to be closer to its customer base, the company expanded its presence further by relocating the Piney Grove store to Irmo in 1987. Since then, our Irmo store has grown steadily by having the most knowledgeable people in the industry waiting on our customers. Even though we keep an extensive amount of inventory over a broad array of product lines, our priority is to provide solutions. Special orders at Irmo are part of our daily routine.
Stier Supply Blanding Building 1953
In 1994, Stier Supply opened our first Construction Services division in Bluffton, South Carolina. This division started out by providing turnkey services to Del Webb for the installation of trim & hardware. Since then, our customer base has grown to include virtually all of the largest builders in our service area as well as several local builders working on custom jobs across the state of South Carolina and parts of Georgia and North Carolina. We've opened field offices in Charleston and Myrtle Beach, and our service offerings have expanded to include blinds, exterior and interior doors, and attic stairs. Our emphasis on customer service and quality workmanship has enabled us to address the needs of each of our customers, large and small.
Stier Supply Irmo Storage

By keeping diversified operations, our cost low, and minimizing debt, we’ve been able to weather the downturn in the housing industry over the past few years. In 2012 the company determined it had out grown it’s Blanding St location in downtown Columbia and committed to building the new 60,000 sf production and distribution facility southeast of Columbia off I-26 near Sandy Run in Calhoun County. Operations commenced in April 2014. We’ve been here more than for 65 years by putting our customers first with the motto "We Make it Happen." Some things will never change.

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